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  1. Bed redesign / natural stone
    Bed redesign / natural stone
    Bed redesign with dark hardwood mulch , natural stone accents, variegated hosta and some ground cover with a few perennials.
    Westfield, NJ
  2. New Sod back lawn
    New Sod back lawn
    Old lawn removed , area level and graded with new top soil, 14 pallets of Sod rolled out , cut and placed.
    Chatham, NJ
  3. Privacy Border
    Privacy Border
    New privacy border created on side of house using 7 foot tall Nellie Stevens holly, Premium Black mulch , 6 yards of composted top soil to make the raised bed.
    Scotch Plains, NJ
  4. Natural Stone Garden
    Natural Stone Garden
    Natural Stone rain garden , ferns , perennials, and decorative grasses.
    New Providence, NJ
  5. New Construction
    New Construction
    New sod lawn , level and grading , Basic landscaping , couple small stone boulders.
    Westfield, NJ
  6. Garden bed & Wall
    Garden bed & Wall
    New front Garden bed with Rihnox wall blocks and caps, Conifers, junipers , Japanese maple, some perennials and dark hardwood mulch.
    Fanwood, NJ
  7. New Beds along Fence
    New Beds along Fence
    New garden beds along fence perimeter, Arborvitaes, some cypress, azaleas for color , hosta, perennials, with black mulch.
    Scotch Plains, NJ
  8. Shaping
    Shaping of Junipers and Evergreens . Pruning of conifers and some select Topiary.
    Mountainside, NJ
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